All Courses Annual Subscription (One User)

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All Courses Annual Subscription (One User)

A collection of Online Courses in the following areas for the Australian Curriculum.

Sold as a BUNDLE for ONE user as an annual subscription.


Aboriginal Australia

Ancient China (Junior History)

Ancient Egypt (Junior History)

Ancient Human Remains (Senior History) 

Australia 1750-1918 (Junior History)

Baptism (Religion)

Biomes and Food Security (Junior Geography)

Changing Nations (Junior Geography)

China 1750-1918 (Junior History)

Christian Sexual Ethics (Religion)

Christianity (Religion)

Deir el Medina (Senior History) 

Environmental Change and Management (Junior Geography)

Feminist Theology (Religion)

Hatshepsut (Senior History) 

Health, Wellbeing and Relationships (PDHPE)

Human Wellbeing (Junior Geography)

Islam (Religion)

Japan Under the Shoguns (Junior History)

Judaism (Religion)

Landscapes & Landforms (Junior Geography)

Medieval Europe (Junior History)

Peace in Christianity and Judaism (Religion)

Place and Liveability (Junior Geography)

Pompeii and Herculaneum (Senior History) 

The Australian Constitution (Civics & Citizenship, Legal Studies)

The Black Death (Junior History)

The Geographies of Interconnection (Junior Geography)

The Industrial Revolution (Junior History)

Tutankhamun (Senior History) 

Water and the World (Junior Geography)

World War I (Junior History)

World War II (Junior History)


This online course gives great interactivity for students and provides for more diversity in the classroom. They can be used as ready made lessons, extension activities or study tools.

These courses are CLOUD BASED resources, so all you need to do is have access to the internet and you can access your course subscription, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!


These courses contain elearning and interactive materials such as:

Thinking Points


This eLearning and interactive course is sold as an annual subscription product. 

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