Are Word Jumbles Just for Junior Students?

Are Word Jumbles Just for Junior Students?

When I was a full-time teacher, I always focused on developing the literacy skills of my students, whether in Junior or Senior lessons.

Whilst many students did not think it was important, I emphasised that literacy skills would be necessary in their future workplaces and in many forms of communication. To achieve this goal, I engaged in spelling activities, punctuation exercises and techniques in grammar. 

It was not necessary to focus entire lessons on these things, but rather to incorporate them as a part of the subject being taught.

One activity included in my Resource Books is a Word Jumble. They stimulate the brain in examining the sequence of letters, correct spelling and applying the terminology to the subject being learnt.

You could further stretch learning to include:

1) Use these words in a sentence.

2) What part of the syllabus is this term relevant to?

Or, any other teaching strategy which can help students understand content and the language which is integral to it.

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