Below are a few comments from my wonderful customers:


Professional and very knowledgeable.
Great service. Helen H.  May 2017


Karen provides exceptional resources and frees up teacher time to deliver content and ensure that precious time is spent on focusing student comprehension rather than reinventing the wheel.

Eleni Powell, Belmore Boys High School, June 2017


Karen is very professional and has demonstrated exceptional knowledge in developing a range of learning resources that allow for diversification of instruction to better personalise learning and teaching opportunities that meet student needs.

Teresa McGlenchy, 
VET Coordinator, Parramatta Diocese of Education, June 2017


If all lecturers delivered lessons the way you do, I would have enjoyed university much more. 

Laura Lim Former UWS Student 2015


So quick to receive, plus really helpful classroom resource. 10/10

Kate Mulligan NSW 2018


Thanks so much for featuring Taffy and assuring everyone that his disability is his greatest ability! (Re: Little Friends)

Jess Cohen, March 2018.


I  just love this! You should be so very proud of yourself  Karen. Well done. (Re: Little Friends)

Janet Maguire, March 2018


Love it! Simple and easy to read.(Re: Little Friends)

Joann Ngaw Mason, March 2018


I am finding the overall experience of using DECS really good. The lessons are engaging for the students with the perfect amount of writing interspersed with hyperlinks, YouTube videos and True/False flip quizzes. The units are comprehensive and cover the entire course content in detail. The photos are excellent, obviously very high quality, and are great discussion points with the classes. The content and presentation is varied and suits the learning style of todays youth (at least in Forbes).
The lessons are a good size in length and not overdone on any unit. The left side banner, showing how complete the topics are and the units completed, is a really handy and necessary reference point. 
The white background and black font you have used is very clean looking and easy to see from the back of the room. The orange hyperlinks within the text stands-out and the students now wait for me to click on them.  
Your website is easy to navigate and looks great. The purchasing experience was easy and efficient. I think the courses are excellent value and have already saved me hours of preparation and thought about what to teach. The website has always worked and never been ‘down’. It loads quickly and I have never had a problem with it. The length of time without using the site before it requires another login is very generous and necessary due to the dynamics of a classroom 
Karen I have been so pleased with my Membership and the entire elearning process which you have put a huge amount of time and energy into developing. I am finding a renewed interest in my teaching and I believe Cloud Based resources are the new (best) way to deliver engaging lessons to todays IGen/ Gen Z students.
Robert Brown, Forbes High School, June 2018
Availability of the product item , quick delivery and relevance to the subject being taught - also the detail in the product :-)
Helen Kempton (May 2018)




Maria Valenti, June 2018


I have found the website very easy to navigate

Overall having purchased Stage 4 Geography, Stage 5 Geography, Stage 4 History, Stage 5 History and Studies of Religion: Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

These fun worksheets supplement my lessons. Its not only saved myself time (In particular with Geography and the implementation of the new syllabus) but it has enabled myself to easily differentiate my lessons for students with an array of learning capacities.

Quick, easy to follow – makes the classroom teachers job a lot less stressful.

Andrew Carruthers, July 2018


Awesome, simplified work. 10/10

Tracey Byrne DET February 2019