Why Choose DECS?

Materials are aligned to the current curriculum in each Australian State.

  • DECS is Australian owned and operated
  • The content is written by an experienced Australian teacher and is Australian Curriculum aligned

The resources enhance teaching and learning

  • DECS uses a format whereby quotes begin and conclude each online unit. They are an introductory stimulus which may be thought provoking or stimulate discussion. 
  • DECS uses a variety of interactive links such as videos, stimulus questions, multiple choice questions, photographs and articles. These cater for different teaching and learning styles as well as extension activities. 

Online courses are accessible via individual or school-based subscriptions

  • Content is available for many subjects and each year level, 7-12 and subscriptions allow access by all staff within a school.
  • Curriculum materials are designed specifically for each year group
  • No need to have different subscriptions for different subjects - the learning materials are all in one place

Memberships are a cost-effective method of accessing online resources.

  • Access to over 100 full courses across 7+ subject areas
  • Professional teacher-designed resources 
  • PDF whole-course resources are also offered