Aboriginal Australia Online Unit (One User)

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A collection of units related to Aboriginal Australia. In viewing these units, Aboriginal people are advised that they may contain images or content which relates to persons who are deceased. This online course gives great interactivity for students and provides for more diversity in the classroom. They can be used as ready-made lessons, extension activities or study tools.

It is a CLOUD BASED resource, so all you need to do is have access to the internet and you can access your course subscription, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

This unit contains 24 lessons and includes content such as:
Who are Aboriginal People?
Aboriginal Spirituality
Ancient Australia
Terra Nullius
Contact with the British
Aboriginals and Country
Wik v QLD
The Spiritual Value of Uluru
The Spiritual Value of Kakadu
Aboriginals & Land Management
QUIZ: Aboriginals and Land
Recognition of Aboriginal Law in Modern Times
Struggles for Aboriginal Rights
The Stolen Generations
QUIZ: Sorry Day
The Tent Embassy
QUIZ: The Tent Embassy
Aboriginal Deaths in Custody
Mandatory Sentencing
Aboriginal Health
QUIZ: Aboriginal Health

This unit contains elearning and interactive materials such as:

Photographs, Videos, Charts, Graphs, Quizzes, Text, Thinking Points, Quotations, Infographics.

 This eLearning and interactive course is sold as an annual subscription product.

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