Akhenaten Resource Book (Revised Edition)

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This unit “Akhenaten” is suitable for students in the senior years of high school.

It follows the NSW Stage 6 Ancient History Syllabus.

It contains detailed information in dot-point format, word finds, glossary lists, vocabulary, crosswords, word jumbles, mind-maps, cloze passages, true/false activities and extended writing and research tasks.

It is a supplementary educational resource for high school courses in Ancient Egypt.

It is relevant to high school teachers or students studying alone.

This work is copyright. Apart from any use permitted under the Copyright Act, no part may be reproduced by any process, or any other exclusive right exercised, without the permission of Devine Educational Consultancy Services.

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The New Kingdom Period
Geographical Environment
The 18th Dynasty
Social Structure
Political Structure
Economic Structure
The Military
The King & the Gods
Religious Beliefs
Funeral Processions
The Afterlife
Akhenaten’s Family Background
Marriage, Queens & Consorts
Titles & Changes to Royal Image
Early Building Program
Layout of the City
Function & Layout of the City
Religious Policy
Artistic Innovations
Foreign Policy
The Afterlife, Funerary Customs & Tombs
Nefertiti & Co-Regency
The Role of the Royal Family
Impact & Influence of Akhenaten
Assessment of his Life and Reign
Akhenaten’s Legacy
The Amarna Letters as Evidence


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Akhenaten Resource Book (Revised Edition)