China 1750-1918 Online Unit (One User)

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CHINA 1750-1918

This course is suitable for high school students in the early to middle years of high school.

This online course gives great interactivity for students and provides for more diversity in the classroom. They can be used as ready made lessons, extension activities or study tools.

It is a CLOUD BASED resource, so all you need to do is have access to the internet and you can access your course subscription, ANYWHERE, ANYTIME!

 It contains 13 individual lessons.

Content includes:

Physical Features

Landforms and Resources

Social Features

Cultural Features

Economic Features

Political Features

Changes in China 1750-1918

China and Nationalism

China and WWI


This course contains elearning and interactive materials such as:

Thinking Points

This eLearning and interactive course is sold as an annual subscription product. 

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