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This unit “Introduction to Christianity” is suitable for students in the senior years of high school.

It contains detailed informational outlines, word finds, glossary lists, vocabulary, crosswords, mind-maps, cloze passages, T/F activities and extended writing or research tasks.

It is a supplementary educational resource for senior high school courses in Studies of Religion, Religious Education, Christian Studies, or Comparative Religions.

It is written in a “dot point” or summary style with activities following each section. Many answers are contained on the next page.

It is formatted in a “Blackline Master” PDF format, which facilitates printing.

It is relevant to high school teachers or students studying alone.

Pps: 270



The Origins of Christianity

Jesus: Principal Life Events

Jesus: The Model for Christian Life

The Early Christian Communities

The Development of Christianity






The Divinity and Humanity of Jesus

Beliefs about Jesus

The Trinity

The Death and Resurrection of Jesus



The Bible

The Ten Commandments

The Beatitudes

Jesus’ Commandment of Love

Personal Prayer

Paul of Tarsus

Contribution of Paul to Christianity

Paul v Peter

Paul’s Letters

The Context of Paul’s Letters

Feminist Theology

Sexual Ethics and Christianity


Peace and Christianity


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