Conflict in Europe 1935-1945 Resource Book

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Conflict in Europe 1935-1945 Resource Book


This book is intended for use in Australian Senior Modern History classrooms.

It is designed around the NSW Stage 6 Syllabus for Modern History.

 It contains informational outlines, word finds, glossary lists, vocabulary, crosswords, mind-maps, cloze passages, true/false activities and extended writing or research tasks.

It is a supplementary educational resource for high school courses in Modern History, History, War Studies.

It is written in a “dot point” or summary style with activities following each section. Many answers are contained on the next page.

It is formatted in a “Blackline Master” format, which facilitates printing.

It is relevant to high school teachers or students studying alone.




The book contains materials in the following areas:

  • Growth in European tensions
  • The collapse of collective security
  • Appeasement
  • Nazi-Soviet Non Aggression Pact
  • German Foreign Policy
  • Nazi Ideology
  • Course of the European War
  • German Advances
  • The Air War
  • Operation Barbarossa
  • Battle of El Alamein
  • Civilians at War
  • The Holocaust
  • D Day
  • Russian Counter-Offensives
  • Final Defeat
  • Nuremberg War Crimes Trials.




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